Top 10 Fathers Day 2019 gift ideas Tips

Not only do we have tons of great gift ideas for dad for Father’s Day, we
have great tips to make this year’s Father’s Day the very best.
Fathers Day 2019 gift ideas Tips 1
A great gift idea, especially if you wait until the last minute, is to get your dad a gift card to one of his favorite stores or restaurants. Almost every store or restaurant has a gift card available and that way he can get something he really wants, instead of you having to guess. Most super centers, book stores and big grocery stores now sell gift cards to the more popular restaurants.

Fathers Day 2019 gift ideas Tips 2
Even dads like breakfast in bed. It does not have to be an elaborate meal – especially if you have kids underfoot. Just a hot cup of coffee, a bowel of his favorite cereal and some toast will work. Remember it is the thought that counts.

Fathers Day 2019 gift ideas Tips 3
Don’t forget a Father’s Day cake! Personalize it with his name. If he’s on a diet, you could do cupcakes instead!

Fathers Day 2019 gift ideas Tips 4
Father’s Day may be a good time to help your dad get a few things done he’s been trying to avoid. You may want to volunteer to wash/detail/vacuum his car for him, or fill it up out of your own pocket. Your dad deserves to drive a car that looks good!

Fathers Day 2019 gift ideas Tips 5
Some dads may like the idea of the gift of a day off. Let him sleep in for a change and let him watch what he wants on TV!

Fathers Day 2019 gift ideas Tips 6
Every guy is different, but my idea of a great Father’s Day includes some good cooking, some unencumbered time to have my kids play with me, and maybe even a trip to the pool or a new gadget I’ve been wanting. The last two are optional.

Fathers Day 2019 gift ideas Tips 7
Other great gift ideas for your Father are: a nice comfortable hammock, a new grill, or a new watch.

Fathers Day 2019 gift ideas Tips 8
You don’t have to break the bank to get dad a gift on father’s day – but if he really does not need a tie – then don’t get him one. Make sure you get him something that he will really love – such as tickets to a sporting event or a new power tool.

Fathers Day 2019 gift ideas Tips 9
Give your dad a homemade coupon book. In it you can put coupons that are redeemable for a home cooked meal, mowing/watering the lawn, cleaning the garage, or any other chores around the house that your dad might do on a regular basis.

Fathers Day 2019 gift ideas Tips 10
You don’t need to plan a huge celebration to let your dad know just how much he means to you. Sometimes it means more just to spend the day with him doing a hobby that he loves – even if you don’t.